RatingPRO - specialist search service
The purpose:
to develop a specialist search application with a rating system
What did we do?
◉ Website and admin panel developed.
◉ The app is suitable for iOS and Android.
◉ Developed all the business logic of the app from A to Z.
◉ The logical chain of actions of the specialist and the customer and the establishment of the rating is elaborated.
Rating Pro
Our second product is the Rating Pro - Marketplace, which helps ordinary users find specialists based on honest reviews, such as a plumber, nanny, husband for an hour; and workers who need to find a job can easily look for it and choose the one they need.

The project is starting in Poland with further scaling throughout Europe, and today it is open for investment.
The company in Poland is at the stage of opening.
Mobile - react-native
Web - react/next + Leafletjs
Backend - nodejs, mariadb/mysql, express, aws
VCS - GitLab

Azov 2030 - Horror Game

The purpose:
Game “Azov2030” is a psychological horror, which aims to attract the attention of people from all over the world, recreating the atmosphere of the dungeons of AzovStal.
The game is designed for one player, who finds himself in the ruined and creepy ruins of the AzovStal plant, in the gray zone under the rubble, in the year 2030. In search of supplies, the player moves through the gray zone and remembers the bunker in which he hid during the hostilities. But this road, it seems, has only one end...

The game will be published on the Epic Store platform.
Created on the game "engine" Unreal Engine 4, in the future Unreal Engine 5, with a modern system of artificial intelligence based on AI Behavior Tree & Blackboard and EQS.
All locations are worked out to the smallest detail. The player is able to explore as well as use items he finds along the way.
Online store: manufacturer of materials for dental implants
The purpose:
To create an online store with an ordering system to anywhere in the world with the ability to edit to different addresses from one account. Maximum SEO-oriented site and thoughtful from a marketing point of view.
What did we do?
◉ Fully unique design.
◉ CMS Woocomerce with individual development of modules: filter of goods and categories, the ability to contain multiple addresses in one account.
◉ User-friendly admin panel.

The purpose:
combining opportunities for investment transactions, the sale and purchase of businesses, franchises.
What did we do?
◉ Additional features of the portal will allow you to find specialists or order a separate service for the design of investor (business) information to help with transactions.
◉ Multilingualism is set up.
◉ Monetization system developed.
◉ A system and a protocol of secure transactions were developed.
◉ A large admin panel with roles and rights of the participants was developed.
Business portal
The purpose:
Create a portal with the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies, transfer from wallet to wallet and NFT-marketplace with its branded collection
What did we do?
◉ When sending cryptocurrency from an account to an account, it is possible to send a message similar to banking applications
◉ Sign in and see all transfers and messages as GIFs
◉ Rating of cryptocurrencies
◉ NFT marketplace
Cripto & NFT-portal
The purpose:
create an online store with a large number of categories for 5000+ products, in 2 languages (English Hebrew). Create high-speed loading capability for large quantities of goods. Convenient filtering and search for products and categories. SEO site optimization in Google.
What did we do?
◉ Completely unique design.
◉ CMS Woocomerce with individual development of modules: product and category filter, template for fast loading of products on the site in CSV format.
◉ Created blocks of promotions and sales in the store.
◉ Convenient admin panel with sales statistics.
◉ For the convenience of the client, we created detailed video instructions for managing the site.
◉ Placed the site on the client's hosting.
◉ Terms of turnkey work 35 working days.
The purpose:
to create a website/an APP, that allows tourists to find and book the locations, hotels and restaurants they are interested in, Also this APP is convenient for the business owners in finding the clients easily.
What did we do?
◉ Custom design.
◉ Personally created CMS (unique) for the specific client`s needs.
◉ The possibility of bookimg and payment online.
◉ The possibility of complete integrations to the Lovecroatia portal, opened API.
◉ NodeJs, Angular, MongoDB, AWS program languages and systems were used for programming during the creation of the project.
The purpose:
create an online store asap with a simple and intuitively managed admin dashboard to manage the website.
What did we do?
◉ CMS Woocomerce that is tuned to the speedwork and charging in search systems.
◉ Created the shopping cart and tapped it to the payment systems to purchase via credit cards.
◉ Inserted the module SEO by Yoast (the best decision for search engine optimization for WordPress).
◉ We created personal design of a shop and convenient system for automatical filling of the items via Excel.
The purpose:
create the website+CRM with the personal account and possibility to communicate and delegate more than 100000 businessman all over the world.
What did we do?
◉ Completely unique design.
◉ CMS WordPress with an individual module development due to client`s tasks.
◉ Complicated CRM system that allows to undertake the purchase of goods, record sales and perform the calculations with partners.
The purpose:
to create a website with integration into a CRM system.
What did we do?
◉ Developed and optimized
the selling site, carried out full interaction with the CRM system, adapted into 2 languages.
◉ The CRM system manages: the list of current orders in the queue (Production Schedule), the page of the online operator, checks payments, confirms the start / end of work on current orders, issues shipping documents.
◉ Created and customized marketing tools
for automation and growth
The purpose:
Creation of a site for an on-line catalog of a manufacturing enterprise.
What did we do?
◉ Developed and optimized
a selling website in 4 languages with adaptation for the mobile version, with a connected shopping cart, payment services and integration with CRM.
◉ Developed general styling, creatives,
banner advertising, profile header, price list, catalogs and shopping cart.
◉ Developed and implemented a convenient system for filling the site.
◉ The site is designed and tuned for maximum performance and loading in search engines.
The purpose:
create an event website as quickly as possible with the possibility of ticket sales and registration of participants
What did we do?
◉ Unique design.
◉ Using the Tilda constructor made it possible to meet the deadline.
◉ A payment system was connected to the site for direct ticket sales, Telegram-bot was connected for convenient notification.
The purpose:
to embody in a convenient mobile application all the basic functions of the site
What did we do?
◉ The application interface is made in the color and logical
scheme of the website.
◉ The application is written for two platforms: iOS and Android.
◉ The application implements all the functions of the website with deployed filters and integrations.
The purpose:
To transfer the functionality of the website for renting things to a smartphone
What did we do?
◉ The application interface is similar to the website.
◉ The application is suitable for iOS and Android.
◉ All the basic functions of the website are implemented in the application: Quick messaging in messenger,
creation of group chats, instant push notifications and much more.
The purpose:
Develop an application based on a specially created training program
What did we do?
◉ A simple and intuitive interface has been developed.
◉ The information about the training according to the set parameters.
◉ The application works both in on-line and off-line modes.
The purpose:
Create an application that allows the user to choose the sound to which it will be pleasant to fall asleep.
What did we do?
◉ The app is designed for the iOS platform
◉ The interface is as simple as possible.
◉ The app performs its function and does not take up much space in the device memory