Azov 2030 Postwar Period - Horror Game

The purpose:
Game “Azov2030” is a psychological horror, which aims to attract the attention of people from all over the world, recreating the atmosphere of the dungeons of AzovStal.

The game is designed for one player, who finds himself in the ruined and creepy ruins of the AzovStal plant, in the gray zone under the rubble, in the year 2030. In search of supplies, the player moves through the gray zone and remembers the bunker in which he hid during the hostilities. But this road, it seems, has only one end...

The game will be published on the Epic Store platform.
Created on the game "engine" Unreal Engine 4, in the future Unreal Engine 5, with a modern system of artificial intelligence based on AI Behavior Tree & Blackboard and EQS.
All locations are worked out to the smallest detail. The player is able to explore as well as use items he finds along the way.

With horror, atmospheric and twisted storyline, the game aims to demonstrate that there is no winning side in war: it is always death, loss and horror, as well as to tickle the gamer’s nerves by giving thrills.

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About Game

It is no longer possible to use the same way out.
In search of an alternative exit, the player is forced to delve into the labyrinths of the basements of AzovStal, and meets with a real horror that he never expected to see.

What happened to the Russian soldiers locked in bunkers? What turned people into night monsters and changed their appearance beyond recognition?

Look for clues in the pages of the diary, which are scattered throughout the labyrinth.

In order to get out, you need to change yourself, become stronger, more durable and learn the secret of enemy rubble and creepy labyrinths of AzovStaly.

Prehistory "AZOV 2030"

Azov 2030 game is not about screamers or action. It's about an oppressive atmosphere of horror and mystery, into which the player is immersed, not the character. We guarantee the thrill of psychological suspense and the atmosphere that gradually tightens around the player.

The main hints and keys for exiting the game will be the scattered pages of the diaries of those cannibal zombies who have kept consciousness the longest.