Our team – is a group of people, who are into work for 100 %. We are always easy and comfortable to work with, because we take every project with a great enthusiasm and efficiency. It is essential for us to do our job to perfection.

Our experts

Each staff member is an expert. We complement and support each other, that`s why we have only the highest class specialists, who has shown their level in the variety of diverse projects.


Our team can be proud of the experience of each employee. Thanks to the combined knowledge of the whole team we have a powerful stack of used technologies in development. We improve our knowledge every day to achieve new and exciting goals.


From the idea to the launch – getting through with all of the stages with no drafts

The reply and consultation
We discuss your tasks and answer all of the questions that you have, providing you with the variants to work
Assessing the situation. We work with your brief and and provide you with the forward estimate
Terms of Reference and a contract
We prepare a detailed TK involving you to the process of discussion all way long. We take in consideration each nuance that may influence the result. Every aspect is aligned, approving the final cost. After we sign up the contract, you make the prepayment starting from 30%
Prototyping and design
We create visual and technical prototype paying attention to each detail. We are here to create the ground for the most effective solving of your task by our team
Working with a content
We provide you with the texts that increase your sales and help with SEO optimizing while googling. Its important to be shown to your audience since the first day. We allow you to either create the content you need or use the ready-to-use material
Software development and testing
Is provided by the effective collaboration of the experts: programmers, designers and IT architectors. We complete the work package in functional, performing the bug check first and shortcomings, correcting them if it is needed. We convey it to the perfect technical and visual condition
Handing of the work
We place your project on the hosting, passing the access to you. You get the completely checked and ready to use product – one that you dreamed to have while aligning TK


The remote layout of collaboration is set up in our company for a long time. We will align the terms of a contract via e-mail, mailing it with a delivery service and wait for signed copy
3. What if I won`t be satisfied with the result?

Experts answer the most popular questions

2. How to make contract remotely, if there is no opportunity to go to the office?
1. What comprises the cost?
The final value is always individual: it depends how complicated TK is, the amount of mock-up, page making, programming of the functions, catalogue loading, editing and posting content and lots more. Every solution is granted, we report on everything that was performed on every stage of a performance
To exclude the possibility of this outcome we are involving our clients into the discussion. It is important for us to make your project as a reflect of your character, business specification, and so it corresponds to the customer`s needs. That’s why every stage of a project is aligned with you on every stage
4. Is it possible to get the template of a contract before the TK?
Sure, its your tight to study our working process
5. How to ensure the monitoring of a project online?
This question is already solved. Nowadays we have a huge variety of different services via video and audio mailing, tasking, etc. You won`t even feel that the process is going distantly
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Projects delivered on time
You get completed and checked product at a specified time
We are deeply working on all of the nuances in the prototype and design, deeply to the details, patiently answering all of the questions.
We have an office for the private meetings in Poland, Ukraine and Israel
f you are lacking online-format, we are happy to have an offline meeting with you
The detailed TK
We are engaging you to the active discussion of a project to withdraw the solution that perfectly fits your tasks and needs
Formal contract
That provides terms and conditions and free correction as well as the time schedule
Stage-by-stage payment for the results
You complete the refund only for completed work – no risks. We provide you with the convenient co-working format.
Everything for your convenience
We show you the project gradually, so you always sure when are all of the parts finished
Project gradually
We are here to communicate with you via phone, e-mail, messengers

Website development

We develop: websites, web-portals and online stores for an all areas of goods and services. We create the most functional and correlated design, adding the services of payment and shipping, provide you with the newest and actual digital-decisions. Your clients would want to buy from you.

Mobile apps development

We develop the convenient products for the fast and productive interaction to the audience B2B and B2C. We are here to increase your rates of withholding and return of the clients. We work either on the base of the ready-to-use website, or from the ground. We adapt the appropriate decisions for IOS and Android base, releasing them on the Apple Store or Play Market.

Advertising and SEO promotion

We create and conduct advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook, carefully monitor bids and reduce the cost of conversions, thereby reducing your advertising costs and bringing you the most "cheap" clients. Every website we create is optimized for search engines SEO, which allows us to attract organic traffic.

If you want to pump your business

We collaborate with the different groups of clients, solving your problems and tasks in the most efficient way
If you are a design company
We are your reliable partner, who extend your business` possibilities. We can represent your interests as a part of your team, subcontracting and on eligible conditions. By offering your clients full scope of services, you are rising the loyalty, the average check and the net profit multiple times
If you are a business owner
We will fill your business with the newest trends, innovations and proved working decisions. We provide you with an any product for any sphere: beauty, health, foodstuffs, service, restaurants and cafes, hotels, online education and many many more. We will spare you from the need for work through intermediaries


We help each other to become stronger