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About the project
The search for a trusted specialist is often carried out through word of mouth, because it is there that the most honest, non-corrupting reviews are.
The main goal of the platform was to create an honest rating system that cannot be bought or ordered, only real reviews from real customers after the completed work.

Rating Pro is a platform designed for distribution in European countries. Start - Poland. At the moment, the marketplace is 90% ready.

Conditions: We connect an investor for 10% of the company for $200,000. The jurisdiction of the company is Poland.

We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of 50 market leaders in different countries on a local and global scale, including Upwork, Fiverr, Fixly, Taskrabbit, created not just another platform, but the Ratingpro assistant service, which helps you find a trusted specialist based on honest reviews . The rating system is based on real user feedback after the job is done.

Project advantages:

1. Concentration on immigrants from Ukraine who are in Poland and need temporary additional income.

2. Providing new Contractors with a grace period for the development of the rating and the first clients.

3. A long grace period for Clients, during which they can use the main services of the platform for free. At the same time, premium features will be paid.

4. Availability of arbitrage and "safe" systems that ensure safe and fair settlements between users

5. Concentration on the niches of repair and personal services, tutoring and training, cleaning, courier delivery and others with good growth potential.

6. Special offers for corporate clients that are not available on competing platforms.

Our goal

Develop a platform with a unique business model. Create a character, gamify the ordering process with a character


Pitch Deck

Preparing a technology startup to attract investment included the following steps:

analysis and demonstration of the possible market and target audience of the product;

assessment of the market size of existing competing solutions that are substitutes for a startup;

a description of the financial possibilities of the project;

Presentation of the product / service itself to the audience in all "colors";

Pitch-deck with calculations will be sent upon request.
Pitch> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TdJR_6KG4hUwejRAbH0bOjegaIcCR2cq/view?usp=share_link

Business logic / service structure / marketing plan

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of a team of PR-specialists, marketers and sociologists, business logic was developed, on the basis of which the platform itself was subsequently built (formation of a single concept and structure of the service).

Next, we set about creating a marketing plan, according to which, upon completion of the final stage, the product will be introduced to the market.

Service order service development
Web version

Based on the quality of the work done, the web development of the service itself was carried out. React programming language

developed a complete functionality of the site with a user-friendly interface;

Created a convenient site navigation;

Mobile application development

For the convenience of potential users, a mobile application with the most elaborate usability was developed (React Native platform):

· first, the specialists developed the architecture of the future application, the features of its interface, chose the platform and programming languages, outlined the methods and ways of interaction of the future product with other programs;

After that, at the coding stage, the developers directly created the software, which was the basis of the future application.

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